“Education system in India is made in such a way that students are pressurized to follow set rules, this needs to change,” says Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google.

Knowledge is power.human history is not a tale of war, conquest, and glory; it is also a story of knowledge, science, technology and engineering and their use for human development. Today the land of Arya Bhatt, Chanakya, Ramanujam, Raman and others, has nothing that can remotely compare with Nalanda and Vikram Shila university in their heyday.

It is the time we examine what has gone wrong with our education, science, and wisdom.
What nowaday is going on in our education system is just randomness which is continuously crumpled down by officials. What we are taught is far different from what we have to use in real life. I mean that there is no use of what we are tends to mug up the things. top officials have decided what should be taught in schools and what kind of syllabus should be served out on the table for students. Can one imagine where administrative mandarins sitting in the UGC and AICTE decide on what course to study, curriculum and syllabus, the mode of delivery and the number of contact hour and also conduct exams, declaring results? there is an inbuilt rigidity in the system, where flexibility and adaptability are demons to be exorcised.

It’s really a point of concern as everybody is realizing that what did they study in past years and that stuff they were taught is just of no use further. The only thing growing with the age of someone is maturity which makes that person to thinks on odd and even events. If we compare our education system with other’s education system then we would find out the gargantuan change which let the people to realizes on a point that would state to a big change is required. We talk about syllabus that is given generally for mugging up because we human have the tendency of getting marks by mug up all the stuff and copy all in the exams which never help in development. Talking about the syllabus, syllabi do not change not only because the process is tedious, but because policy makers are far removed from developments in the field and their emergent connection with other disciplines. It is this lack of relevance that has stigmatized students as no longer employable and marketable.

I just read an article and it was written over there that India Today has yearned for knowledge, its creation, dissemination and application for resolving its problems and assisting it in the march of its development. UGC and AICTE have stymied all effort in that direction.people of these committees should understand the mentality of students and according to that they should deploy the syllabus which makes some sense afterward. Our education system needs to be recreated and the government should understand this fact that if they will appoint someone in the education committee who does not belong that field then how much it will affect the system because they could not understand the pressure and manifesto of students and what do they want.

In our democracy what is just happened that anyone can be appointed in any post which lead to have adverse effect on that particular field because they can’t understand the scenario of that field and likewise in education system if someone is appointed who never gone through such pressure or I should say that in many state education ministry has been given to people who even did graduation which is a shame on our country as our education is completely suffered from a dilemma.

The role, responsibilities, scope, vision and mission of UGC and AICTE themselves need to be freshly examined. A committee should be established look into the details of how the institutions are functioning. Recently on his India visit, Google CEO Sunder Pichai has said something on India’s education system that it needs to be recreated with impeccable way. We strongly believe that it is the time that MHRD constitutes an advisory of 7-10 members representing the different domain of the academic world in order to check the continuity of the system. Hope so it would be happening in coming time.


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