violation is something that generates the fear deep inside and also a root of all man-made devastation.

This era has become unexpected vision of one’s and everyone, who is living life with a tranquility and very happily, are looking tense nowadays because a lot of circumstances are festered in their mind that can shiver one’s mind to think on prevention of their own and situation of place.
Recent time was the time of violation, frustration, devastation, hatred, nuisance that changed the mentality of people around the world and aware of any incoming destruction or rather i would say hell like bomb attacks which let the people get into pain and let other to think on making some solid arrangement for further incoming harsh call of devastation. everyday has become like a hell living scenario. we can look into eyes of people who has already suffered as well as who is next so that fear does not let those people to live in serene or pleasant environment which is what i call is adulterated part of this era and still going till this hatred would be prolonged.

People who have seen such attack or hatred whether in Germany or France or other similar countries, they are having a deep pain that can’t be explained in words and it’s obvious that these kind of turmoil has been increasing day by day which is a point of concern now. these cruelty and butchery group like ISIS and other do not even think about humanity. what they follow is their preacher’s preach that contain lots of hatred and baseless point and enough to entice the group to spread nuisance all around the world.
Life is something in which should have lots of happiness and every moment of enlightenment gives to people to live with more sense and tranquil and unagitated way. but if these attack comes into the picture then people got feared and began to live with extra protection and forget about the enjoyment which is what happening nowadays in each and every countries.

We can’t deny the fact that in recent 2-3 years was like hell for some countries as they had suffered due to ISIS attacks and other hated crime and people who are innocent can feel a sense of insecurity even at their own place. these butchery groups have a mindset of rubbish manifesto that is “ killing people is like they are playing a rough game and will get a call from their God on the basis of what they did”. they follow the path of paroxysm and convulsion. i was just in deep thinking as soon as i heard about back to back attacks that how can a person kill people on the name of getting jannat or heaven. i mean we have some ethics that has to be followed by everyone and love is what that let the people to follow the path of positivity but what these unaimed people think is just an upset talk. they let the people suffer and say that they are doing it for God.

I urge to God that please show them a path and enlighten them and teach a lesson of love so that they may have an idea that what they are doing is not such things by which God would hire them for heaven.but these crime are just like a fallen water from a tank and pump has to be stopped so the level of water should be surfaced. A fear is already burnt in every body which would be having an insecurity due to terrible happening.


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